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Pets | Farah Roberts Ltd.In addition to making arrangements in your Will for your pet, it is imperative that you take additional steps to protect your pet. It could take days or even weeks for someone to read and probate your will.

Please make sure responsible parties know about your pet and the arrangements you have made for it so that they can act quickly after your death without having to wait for instructions under your Will.

Your pet will need food and water. Consider providing a key to your home or apartment to a trusted relative or friend with instructions that they care for your pet until the Executor is appointed and can follow the instructions in your Will. To ensure your pet receives prompt attention, you might consider providing a neighbor or building manager with the name and contact information of the trusted friend or relative with the request that they notify him or her upon your death or hospitalization. If you live in an apartment, it is best to notify building management of the arrangement to make certain that access to your apartment will not be denied.

You might also consider carrying a copy of the instructions with your identification papers, like driver’s license, in the event of a hospitalization or death.

It is also a good idea to provide the Executor with a copy of the instructions so that he or she remains in the loop in regards to your plans and can locate the pet after he or she has been officially named as Executor by the probate court with full authority to act of your estate’s behalf.

By following the above instructions you will help to ensure the health and safety of your pet in the event of your hospitalization or death.

-Kelly L. Roberts

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