Representative Matters:


Kelly has successfully advised personal representatives of probate estates, both small and large.

For her probate clients Kelly has:

  • Successfully petitioned the Court to modify an irrevocable trust so that its terms were in line with the trust creator’s wishes.

  • Advocated for modifications to an irrevocable trust so that a disabled beneficiary’s share be distributed to a special needs trust instead of outright, thereby ensuring the beneficiary could retain his government benefits while using the funds to improve his life.

  • Guided a personal representative through a complex estate involving 73 beneficiaries.

Estate Planning

For her Estate Planning Clients, Kelly has

  • Established irrevocable life insurance trusts.

  • Created specialized trusts to receive retirement benefits to allow for distributions of plan assets to be stretched over a beneficiary’s lifetime, maximizing tax-free growth and preventing the possibility of a large lump-sum distribution to a young adult.

  • Helped give families with a disabled loved one peace of mind by a developing special needs trust so that the beneficiary can have a greater quality of life while still keeping government benefits, such as Medicaid and Social Security Insurance (SSI).  Funds from the special needs trust can be used to pay for almost anything including a private room and experiences such as travel and sporting events.

  • Developed estate plans for young families with increasing wealth with the goal of providing for their children should they die prematurely.

  • Worked with a family to terminate an irrevocable trust.

Everybody’s situation is a little difference.  Feel free to contact Kelly.  She will sit down with you, and talk you through the various ways of handling your own particular situation.

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